ICC Smart Eco Solutions, the newest division of the reputable general contractor, International Construction Consortium (Pvt) Ltd. (ICC) introduces a range of garbage composting machines and MODULAR Wastewater/sewage treatment plants. The composting machines will convert domestic and commercial organic waste into compost within 24 hours and covers a range of weights from 2kgs per day to tons per day. The waste water/sewage treatment plants are modular in design and has the smallest foot print for capacities processed and free from chemical usage in the treatment process.

Organic Composters

The domestic unit called ‘Foodcycler’ a table top unit could process 2kgs per cycle of five hours consuming only one unit of electricity, comes with built-in activated carbon filters that eliminates any processing smell and are replaceable. The use of this equipment is simple! Just fill the bucket provided and place it in the machine, close the lid and press start. Once the cycle stops, compost is ready for use. Takes only 6 hours!

Commercial units work the same way with 18-24 hours for processing. Range of machines span from 10kgs per day to many tons per day. The larger units could be supplied with bin lifters and grinders, to make the loading process easy and to grind down large waste particles. They also discharge the finished product automatically, with 80 -90 percent reduction in weight at the end of the cycle. With the launch of the quick composter, we hope to encourage the practice of replenishing nature with what we systematically extricate. The mineral content of the converted food waste will enrich the soil when it is used as fertilizer.

Sewage and Waste water Treatment Plants

  • ICC Smart Eco Solutions supply Smart Modular Sewage treatment systems.
  • The treated water from these systems could be used for gardening, toilet flushing, washing of vehicles. The sludge could be used as fertilizer.
  • The treatment system does NOT use any chemicals and is based on available aerobic bacteria. These modular systems are based on Moving Bed and Fixed Bed technology from UK, Germany and China. The systems have the smallest foot print for capacities processed and comes in container formats, making installation a breeze with very low operational costs and maintenance.
  • All products are covered by a minimum 1 year supplier warranty. ICC there after will take on service agreements.

The products are approved by Central Environmental Authority, with many installations already around the country.


About Developer

Our strong reputation, backed by nearly four decades of successful construction solutions to the nation, has made ICC a name synonymous with exceptional quality of service.

Established in 1980, International Construction Consortium (Pvt) Limited (ICC), has become one of the largest and most respected Civil Engineering Organizations in Sri Lanka, with the promise of distinct service, experienced staff, a fleet of plant and equipment, the highest quality materials and a reputation for successfully integrating these aspects, to ensure the timely completion of projects.

The Company holds the highest CIDA Grading CS2 for the major areas in local construction, including Buildings & Highways and holds ISO 9001, 18001 & 14001 certifications. Strongly focusing on diversity within the industry, we have established divisions in Building Construction, Roads & Bridges, Water Supply & Sanitation and Architectural & Structural designs.

ICC successfully penetrated the property development market in 1999 by establishing a number of fully-owned subsidiary companies, including ICC Housing (Pvt) Ltd, Nivasie Developers (Pvt) Ltd, ICC Development Holding (Pvt) Ltd and ICC Developers (Pvt) Ltd.

With a strong penchant for finding opportunities for expansion and diversification, the Company has expanded into ready-mix concrete, pre-cast concrete products, aluminum & steel fabrication, prefabricated housing, fully automated timber production and multiple interior wall partition solutions.

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