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Architectural Design is not simply a "Plan"; it is an artful creation of living spaces, within a house (or any other building), where people can live, ...

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Architects in Sri Lanka

Bricks. Lego. Sand. Cement. What all these have in common is that they are the base for a strong building. You could be building it in actual form or just playing around with your child, yet without a strong base for either of these, they could come crashing down easily. Is architecting or building construction This is what it is all about. Architecting involves designing and configuring a particular structure in 2D to be finally built as a 3D high resistant structure. That is why even when you are building your dream home and thinking of hiring movers to move in you need to start off first by finding reliable persons who would not only be able to build it but design it as well. Now with the growing interest, many people have over designing their homes spectacularly the number of architects and house designs have improved largely. 

Architects of Sri Lanka who have specialized in drawing plans for landscape architecture, home designs in Sri Lanka and luxury hotels are limited in number. Yet, those that claim to be best architects in sri lanka qualified from the institute of landscape architects or Sri Lanka Institute of landscape are high in number. This, may or may not be true depending on the specs of the house builders in Sri Lanka that you are talking to.. A well-known institution for locally qualified architects in Colombo is the University of Moratuwa. But as the competition to enter is somewhat high, you might still find trusted professionals who have graduated from reputed design schools working as private designers, architects or architects in Kandy with companies involved in land sales, interior designing and etc.

The growth in private universities in Sri Lanka offering courses like interior design and other architectural design-related majors that require 3D thinking has led to many firms in Sri Lanka expanding to this field too. Thus catering to a large number of demands from luxury hotels and design-conscious high-end clients looking to build their dream home. And now many are seeking to join the architects of Colombo clan or the famous architect directory by enrolling in the Lanka institute of architects and striving to become reputed landscape architects in Sri Lanka or well known sri lankan architects in house designs. So now you no longer have to give up on your architectural dream at all! You can easily become a qualified house builder as long as you select the right place of education to gather your knowledge and experience from.