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Solar Panels in Sri Lanka

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    SolarRay Energy (Private) Limited

    SolarRay Energy Solutions aspires to empower people in Sri Lanka and the APAC region to achieve energy independence through eco friendly and efficient electricity generation while prioritizing...

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Solar Rooftop System Types

Every home is unique and requires specific consideration. Let us help you figure out which type of solar panel will serve your purpose.

  • Grid-connected Solar Rooftop PV System
  • This solar system operates on a plant that is linked to a network or framework via a meter system that counts energy consumption and does not have a backup bank.

  • Off-grid Solar Panel
  • The only component of this solar system is a battery bank. It is said to be ideal for remote or rural locations.

  • Hybrid Plant Solar System
  • This sort of solar system generates solar energy while also providing backup power in the event of a power outage.

What is Net Metering, Net Accounting and Net Plus?

  1. Net Metering - This scheme allows consumers to install rooftop solar PV systems and connect them to the national electricity network. The utility meter is replaced with an Import/Export meter, measuring energy consumed from and supplied to the grid. At the end of each billing period, the consumer's export and import energy readings are recorded. The bill credits the export and charges for the difference between import and export.
  2. Net Accounting - This Scheme includes an export tariff for any excess energy generated by solar panels installed on the roof. The customer will be paid Rs 22.0 per unit for the first 7 years and Rs 15.50 per unit from the 8th to 20th year (subject to changes) by CEB/LECO. If consumption exceeds the energy generated, the consumer must pay the existing electricity tariff for the excess energy consumed. This Scheme is specifically for solar energy.
  3. Net Plus - The solar PV power plant's electricity generation will be exported through a dedicated meter, and the customer will be paid. Energy import will be measured by a separate meter and billed at the existing tariff. CEB will read the meters for solar power plant output and energy import. The customer will be paid Rs 22.0 per unit for the first 7 years and Rs 15.50 per unit from the 8th to 20th year (subject to changes) for exported energy.

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